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Being an organic farmer I am obviously very aware of the trouble our planet is in. We have front row seats to climate change here on the farm. We have noticed quite a lot of changes in weather patterns and our crops have been greatly affected by these changes! 

I am aware and committed to providing a luxury skincare experience without adding to the problem. Here are the eco packaging choices I have made thus far:

  • My bottles and jars are made with UV glass that is not only eco friendly but adds an extra layer of protection to natural ingredients from UV rays that can erode the potency of natural products.
  • For my two larger size products (the luxe cream and complete body wash) I used aluminum bottles that are up to 43% more likely to be recycled then plastic. The of course also break down where as we are stuck with plastics for a very long time.....
  • My product boxes are handmade by actual humans beings that are paid a living wage in a  safe and clean environment. The boxes are made of 100% post consumer recycled cardboard. Each box is hand stamped with gold foil. I chose to leave my boxes in their raw sexy state to avoid using dye which is not good for the earth.
  • My shipping boxes are also made of recycled cardboard. I have only been able to source shipping boxes that are 50% post consumer recycled so if you have an in on 100% let me know!
  • I use all organic ingredients in my products not only because they are the best for your and my health but also because every time I choose to purchase organic, a farmer is supported and encouraged to keep on the farm hustle the hard way! Cause organic farmin ain’t no joke! Also, maybe a conventional farmer will be inspired to switch to organic if the demand is there!