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FAQs and Info

You Asked, We Answered

HOW DO YOU SHIP?   We ship through USPS. Shipping is free in the United States. Please send us a message for international orders and we will give you a shipping quote.
WHAT ARE THE PAYMENT OPTIONS?  We happily accept all Major Credit Cards as well as Paypal.
WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY?  We will be happy to work out any issues you may have whether it be a return or replacement. Just message us your issue and we will make sure you are heard, supported and your problem is resolved. 
DO YOU OFFER GIFT CARDS?  Yes! Send me a message and we will get a beautiful gift card out to your special person! Utara products make beautiful gifts 
ARE UTARA PRODUCTS VEGAN?  We do use Honey in a few of our products so depends on if you include Honey in your vegan lifestyle or not.
DO YOU TEST ON ANIMALS?   Of course not! Although my pup Julie has really sensitive skin and the complete body wash does wonders for the itchy red patches she gets.