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Why I created Utara Organics

My name is Amy Arnett-Smith. I am the creator of Utara Organics. I am also an organic farmer on the north shore of Kaua’i. One of our main crops is mangosteen.

I created this line of mangosteen based organic skincare in 2009 in response to my need for chemical and toxin free skincare due to a lifelong struggle with hormone imbalance (PCOS) and skin inflammation issues. I have always loved luxury skincare but unfortunately most commercial brands are full of endocrine disrupting synthetic fragrances, thickeners, colorants and fillers.

I began researching Mangosteen as a base for my products after researching the fruit and its use in tradition medicine throughout Southeast Asia in treating acne, wounds, and a variety of skin conditions. I found that western medicine had finally taken notice of this anti-oxidant packed super fruit with its bright purple rind and and found it to be an abundant source of polyphenols known as xanthones. It turns out these compounds specific to the mangosteen can kick some serious bacteria and inflammation ass!

After establishing mangosteen as the base of my line I slowly and methodically researched the most effective therapeutic oils and the purest essential oils (all EO’s used are batch tested) for nourishing and protecting sensitive and problem prone skin without causing irritation.. My products contain absolutely no toxic chemicals, fillers, thickeners or synthetic fragrances that can negatively affect hormone balance or skin prone to inflammation.

I created these products for myself with incredibly high personal standards. I hand make all the products in very small batches to make sure every creation that goes out into the world is something I am proud of.

I have been humbled and honored by the emails, texts and calls I have received that Utara Organics has been an integral part of relieving the stress and suffering that goes along with dealing with skin issues on a daily basis.

Mahalo Nui To You All,